Empowering women in their journey to optimal health

Our health is our own and should be approached as such, with a personalized touch. Nobody fits into these one size fits all type of wellness lifestyles and I believe every individual has to work constantly to achieve their optimal health and I want to give you the tools to easily do this. We learn more and more each day about our bodies and with new health trends coming to light, we, as individuals, can get lost in the shuffle.

What i mean by "I am your advocate"

I became an FNTP initially over the anger I was feeling towards the doctors I had seen and the lack of support I felt. It took 5 years to start getting answers. I had to be my own advocate and find my own information that the doctors weren’t able to provide me with. I had to build my own toolbox.

I wanted to create something I didn’t have available to me when I was struggling, a community, comprehensive resources on diagnosed conditions, natural tools for healing and an advocate to put it all together.

"On a continual journey to functional health for us all"

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